We live in very political times. Post modernity and post Christendom has left the church politicised. We hear a lot about rights and inclusion these days, and that’s good. But what we don’t hear about is moral and Godly responsibility. God hates sin, but loves the sinner. So why is it that people seek to redefine sin to accommodate their lifestyle choices?

I say this because whenever we say we are for one group or another, we are inadvertently leaving out other groups. Such practice is anything but inclusive. I want people’s rights to be remembered but not at the price of mine being taken away.  I want people’s rights to be remembered but not at the price of everyone else’s being taken away.

And let’s also remember that with the privilege of rights comes the precious burdens of responsibility and accountability .  Do we consider ourselves to be accountable to one another and more importantly accountable to God?  Are we prepared to take up that burden of responsibility and use it to bring glory to God, or are we merely seeking self glorification and pursuing our own agendas?

These are questions that many people seek answers for but for some reason the answers aren’t out there.  When we who are accountable to one other ask such questions, a resounding silence speaks volumes.

Let our banner read ALL are welcome and let’s try together to have the mind of Christ and kneel before a Holy God.  Let’s read Philippians 2 and may it be a wake up call to all of us as we are presented with what it is to have the mind of Christ.  No point in being silent before him since he knows our inmost being and our thoughts from afar.

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