Can people change?  It seems to me that they can and do, often for quite different reasons.  Governments are renouned for doing ‘U turns’. That tends to make them lose credibility with the voters, after all we all want a Government that is sure of itself don’t we?  Or do we?  There is a fine line in having wisdom to know when to accept  that we are wrong and coming across as being wavering and uncertain.

Having strength to admit when we are wrong is a sign of emotional maturity, and depending on how it is presented also of humility.  Jesus had an encounter with Nicodemus, a Pharisee.  Nicodemus ‘bucked the trend’, he hadn’t come to berate Jesus, he had come to listen.  He expressed a desire to understand and a desire to change.  The thing is, that understanding and that change could only come from the Holy Spirit.  If Nicodemus, with all his intellect, could already have reached that understanding in his own right then he would have done.

So we too need to come before God and be prepared to admit that we are wrong, that perhaps our way of doing things hasn’t worked.  We need to come before God with hope and expectancy and dare to pray “Come Holy Spirit and transform me.  Come Holy Spirit, come.”

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