I have always loved cycling.  When I was a child I cycled everywhere…”up hill and down dale” as my Grandma used to say.  Over the years I owned many different bikes.  One was a Chopper.  I thought it looked so cool.  It only had 3 gears, but it had a large back wheel, a smaller front wheel and amazing handlebars like a Harley.  That’s probably why I liked it so much.  You could also do amazing wheelies on it.

I went on a long cycle on my chopper one day over some moorland.  After a while I emerged with a smile on my face onto a stretch of moorland road that led home.  I was smiling because I knew it was all downhill from there to get home, and I knew how steep the hill was.

So off I set, and I got faster and faster and faster.  The problem about Choppers – at least the problem with mine – was that when it got up to a high speed it was unstable.  I gripped on for dear life and at one point I was literally thrown off the bike and slid along the road face down for about 15 feet.

I was grazed so badly in so many places.  I was also in shock.  But somehow I picked myself up and limped home.  I was in a lot of pain.  And the thing about such wounds is that they scab over, and they become very very itchy.  Over time my wound wasn’t healing properly and the itchiness was driving me nuts.  My mum was a nurse and she carefully took the scab off and gently bathed the wound to make sure it was clean, and clear and could heal properly.

Our hearts can be like that too.  We may experience a deep heart-wound.  It’s a hard and painful thing to experience and we may know through that a real fear and a real poverty of spirit.  And when that wound begins to heal, it too can scab over and at times the wound might not heal properly.  There is only one thing I know that can wash such a wound clean and that is love.  The Bible tells us that perfect love casts out all fear.

If you have a wounded heart, may you know the Shepherd and Guardian of your soul washing your heart with his love as well as your feet so that your deep wound may heal properly and you might be free to love again because you know the love you have from him.

God may bring people alongside you to remind you of that.  If he does, let them.  Let yourself be loved, let yourself be loved to life in the full knowledge of how precious you are.  Amen

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