Trust me

There are times in our life when we are called to trust and for many of us that can be very very difficult.  It may be that we have been badly let down and disappointed and have had our trust betrayed so many times in the past.  When we enter into a situation in which we perhaps need to trust it is as if we are ‘steeling’ ourselves for what the inevitable ‘let down’ or ‘betrayal’ will be like.

I’ve been thinking and praying about that a lot.  It strikes me that when we enter into situations in that way we are diminished in our capacity to engage freely as a human being.  And it doesn’t just have an impact on friendships or relationships with people; it also has an impact on our relationship with God because we can find it hard to trust him too.

We may understandably seek to be wise and discerning about trusting friends if we have been hurt and disappointed in the past.  But God never lets us down.  He makes so many promises to us.  That doesn’t mean we won’t have wilderness experiences or sometimes stumble and fall.  It does mean though that he will never leave us and there is nothing that can separate us from his love, nothing,  We love because God first loved us.  And perfect love casts out all fear.

Our beginning and our ending have to be in God.  It is from trusting God and casting all our cares upon him that we are released to be fully human and all that we might be.  It is from trusting God that we might find strength to take those small faltering steps to trust others perhaps with a wiser head on and with the ability to speak out.

Dare to trust…dare to trust God with me, because believe me I know how hard it can be to trust at times.  May we have the courage to journey with Christ even to the cross and know the light of his resurrection and that newness of life.

3 thoughts on “Trust me”

  1. The reason we don’t trust is fear I believe. A fear of being hurt, being rejected, history repeating itself etc etc. If we are able to believe that we can handle anything – believe in our capacity to cope, believe in ourselves then fear is diminished.
    Well that knowledge for me comes from knowing God’s unfaltering love for me. In God’s grace I know I will cope, I know he has my back and he wants sooo much good for me and my life. He loves me.
    So I know that with God’s love and grace I Can Handle Anything!! Knowing this means that after life has thrown me plenty of mean blows I can trust and I am able to love!
    You’ll never know how many times a day I say Thank You God for that because without trust and without love … Well life is bleak prospect indeed. We were designed to love and be loved that’s why we crave it so much!!
    Thank you God for your constant and abundant love.

  2. I don’t have that certainty that ‘I can handle anything’ having experienced a continued history of hurt and rejection repeating itself. I don’t doubt God, it is in God alone that I feel I can trust, but perhaps if I seriously consider and commit myself to attempting what is written in the fourth paragraph, third sentence, I ‘might find strength to take those small faltering steps to trust others’, some others, after some time.

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